improving the effectiveness of signs for your business
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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

Tips To Keep Birds Off Your Business's Sign

Iker Soler

The signs on your business's exterior are an important aspect when it comes to attracting customers, so the last thing you want is for birds to ruin the impression they give. Bird droppings are especially problematic, both from an aesthetic standpoint and for anyone walking beneath the signs! The following tips can help you keep birds from perching and nesting on your exterior signs.

Tip #1: Avoid welcoming designs

Some sign designs are more likely to attract birds. Most birds prefer to nest in nooks and crannies. Signs with individual letters are more likely to provide these nooks and crannies. For example, the opening in an "o" or the bottom curve of an "s" can look like the perfect place for a nest. Opt for solid letter signs that don't have these openings to help discourage nesting and perching.

Tip #2: Use bird spikes

Bird spikes aren't sharp, but the dull points make it impossible for a bird to land on your sign. These are typically used on box signs since it is easy to install a row of spikes on the level surface. They are nearly invisible from the ground, so they won't interfere with the appearance of your signs but they will keep the birds away.

Tip #3: Try bird coil on odd-shaped signs

Signs that don't have a flat top are a little bit harder to mount spikes on effectively, especially curved or circular signs. Instead, invest in a bird coil. These resemble a large stretched out spring and they are stretched across the top of the sign. They can mold to nearly any shape, so they work especially well on curves and angles. Much like bird spikes, the coils make it impossible for birds to land on the sign.

Tip #4: Install an inset sign

If the idea of bird spikes or coils doesn't appeal, you can invest in an inset sign. These signs are flush to the building because they are actually set into the facade instead of being mounted on the outside. This means that there is no ledge or edge for a bird to perch upon. This option works well if you have persistent birds that are still finding ways to perch on your sign even with bird control spikes or coils.

Talk with a local sign manufacturer for more ideas to keep birds away. They may have other designs that work well to discourage the bird species in your area. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Cardinal Sign Corporation.