improving the effectiveness of signs for your business
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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

Why LED Backlit Signs Are A Good Choice For A Business

Iker Soler

When you're in the process of deciding what style of illuminated signs you'll have for your business, you have a variety of options. While you might gravitate toward neon signs or signs that are lit with fluorescent bulbs, another option is to invest in LED backlit signs. These signs come in many styles, but the common thread is that they have LED bulbs positioned behind the sign, rather than at the forefront of it. The result can be a look that you favor and that complements your business. Many different types of businesses can benefit from LED backlit signs. Here are some reasons why this design is a good choice.

It's Not Glaring

One of the challenges of other types of signs is that they can sometimes shine too brightly in peoples' eyes, especially at night. A prospective customer or client may be turned away from your business because the light is glaring and thus unappealing to look at. This isn't a problem that you'll experience with an LED backlit sign. Because the light is behind the sign, it cases a pleasing glow out around the sign's perimeter and doesn't glare in peoples' eyes at all.

It Looks Modern

You'll often find that new businesses are using LED backlit signs more and more, often as an alternative to traditional neon signs. Many high-end businesses — restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and more — also rely on LED backlit signs. The result is that this type of sign can look modern and stylish, not to mention expensive. If this is the type of image that you want your business to portray, this type of sign can help you to achieve it.

No Concerns Over Individual Burnouts

A big benefit of LED bulbs is that they last an extremely long time. An LED backlit sign may have a few bulbs behind it, but there's a very small chance that they'll all burn out at the same time. This means that even if one bulb goes out, it may be difficult for people to notice. Comparatively, think about neon signs or other types of illuminated signs. You've almost certainly seen a sign that obviously has a bulb that has gone out, affecting the visibility of the sign's wording. For example, the name of the business might be difficult to read when one or more of its letters is no longer lit up. This isn't a concern when you use an LED backlit sign.

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