improving the effectiveness of signs for your business
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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

Designs For A Vinyl Banner For Your Farmer's Market Stall

Iker Soler

Selling products at a local farmer's market can be a good way to earn some money and also meet people in your community. If you're thinking about booking a stall for the upcoming market season, you should give some thought to the signage that you'll use. While some farmer's market vendors use hand-drawn signs, going with something more professional can be a better idea. In this scenario, a vinyl banner can be a good choice. Work with a local printing company that can produce a banner in a size that will suit the size of your stall. Here are some design ideas to consider.

Informative Wording

When people visit a farmer's market, they have a number of vendor stalls to consider visiting. You want to do all that you can to make your stall stand out — after all, there are likely other vendors who are selling similar products to what you're offering. Your vinyl banner should have informative, impactful wording in a large font size. For example, a banner that reads, "Beans, Squash, and Cucumbers" tells people exactly what types of products you're selling. This wording can have more of an impact than something such as, "Local Produce." The latter example lacks specific information and may do little to draw people over to see you.


It's generally a good idea to include pricing details on your farmer's market vinyl banner. Doing so will give people the information that they need before approaching. For example, if one part of your banner provides a list of the products that you're selling and their prices, someone can observe the banner from a distance and decide whether or not the prices suit their budget. Some vendors won't clearly display their prices, and this can make someone tentative to approach and ask about pricing.


While it's important to devote much of the space on your vinyl banner to providing valuable information about what you're selling, it's also a good idea to include one or more images. Good images can catch peoples' attention, which may help to draw more people over to your stall. For example, if you're selling hot peppers, a high-quality image of some peppers on one part of the banner can have an impact on people who walk by. Those who are hot pepper enthusiasts may decide to approach your stall to buy your products because of the appeal of the image on your banner.

If you're planning on selling products at your local farmer's market, vinyl banners can help you stand out.