improving the effectiveness of signs for your business
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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

4 Great Tips For Maintaining The Vinyl Wrap On Your Vehicle

Iker Soler

If you want to change the appearance of your vehicle easily, a vinyl wrap is a great way to achieve that objective. With a vinyl wrap, you can enjoy a new car design without damaging the original paint. When you install a vinyl wrap on your vehicle, you want to ensure that it will last. That can be achieved through proper care. You can get years of usage out of your wrap if you know how to take proper care of it.

1. Wash Once a Week

Just because you have a wrap on your vehicle doesn't mean you can now skip out on washing your vehicle. You should wash your vehicle weekly to remove the contaminants that can damage the vinyl material on it.

When washing your vehicle, it is essential to use products that are pH neutral. You shouldn't use products that claim to contain any protective agents, nor should you use any cleaning products that contain wax.

To clean it, just apply water to your vehicle, use soap, and rinse everything off. Use soft microfiber cloths and a regular garden hose. Avoid using automated car washes and high-pressure hoses to clean it; that could damage the wrap.

2. Spot Clean With Care

If there is a dirty spot on your vehicles, such as bird droppings or sap, be careful with your spot cleaning approach. Use a waterless spot cleaning product and apply it and use it when the vehicle is not too hot to the touch. Spot cleaning sprays work best when the vinyl is cooler to the touch, such as after sitting in the garage or sitting in the shade for a while.

3. Take Care of Gas Spills Immediately

When filling your vehicle up with gas, open the gas door and remove the gap. Place the gas gauge into the vehicle before engaging the handle. When you are done filling it with gas, release the handle, and allow any remaining gas to drip into the tank. In a fluid motion, pull it out and avoid getting any gas on your vehicle. If you do get gas on your vehicle, handwash that area immediately. Carry around a water bottle and towel to do just this, as gasoline and oil can damage the vinyl surface quickly.

4. Be Careful Where You Park

If possible, park your vehicle in a covered parking area. This will protect your vehicle from bird droppings, sap, water stains, and UV exposure. If you don't have a covered parking space, park it somewhere away from where sap exposure is possible, and bird droppings are a big concern.

Work with a professional to install your vinyl car wrap, and be sure to follow the care instructions above so you can get as many years of usage out of it as possible before you go for a new design.