improving the effectiveness of signs for your business
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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

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improving the effectiveness of signs for your business

Keep Your Exit Routes Safe With Glow Exit Signs

Iker Soler

If your building experiences serious power outages all the time, your staff and clients need to locate the exits in your hallways as soon as they possibly can. But if some of your corridors become too dark to navigate during outages, your staff and clients may struggle to find your exit routes on time. You can make your building safer with glow exit signs. Learn more about glow exit signs and how to order them for your exit routes below.  

What Are Glow Exit Signs?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires all business owners, employers, and other entities to create emergency exit routes throughout their buildings. Exit routes should include exit access points, exit signs, and exit discharges. However, the exit routes in some buildings can be difficult to locate or travel through without the right glow exit signs.

Glow exit signs come with large bright green, red, or white lettering, arrows, and other features that make them easier to view from a distance and in dark conditions. The glow-in-the-dark signs contain a synthetic substance called phosphors. Phosphors receive its energy from natural and artificial light sources, such as the LED light emitted by the lightbulbs in your hallways. Phosphors activates, or becomes bright enough to see, when you expose it to dark or poorly lit conditions.  

If you need to brighten up the exit routes in your building, order your glow-in-the-dark signs today. 

How Do You Order Your Glow Exit Signs?

Before you contact a sign supplier and order your glow exit signs, take a moment to inspect the exit routes in your building. Each exit route must contain enough signs to lead your building's occupants to safety during outages. After you write down the number of exit routes in your building, order your signs.

You want to order signs for each area of your exit routes, including the exit access points. Exit access point signs will help your building's occupants navigate your corridors or hallways better during emergencies. Be sure to choose signs with arrows and other features that direct people to safety.

If you don't find the signs you need, ask a sign company to customize your signs for you. Most sign suppliers will customize, or create, their customers' products for them.

You can obtain the glow exit signs you need for your building by contacting a sign supplier for services or information today.